Pig's Snout - Apple Tree


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Pig's Snout is a great apple. It produces aromatic, sweet/sharp fruit, greenish-yellow in appearance with some red flush and a small amount of russetting. The 'pig's snout' name refers to the flattened crown of the apple. It originates in the south west of England so is well suited for growing in wetter climates and will produce good amounts of clean, disease-free apples. It is a tip bearer and can crop abundantly.
Apples are crisp and sweet with good acidity - they are a good substitute for Braeburn.
They can also have mild tannins and so a make a useful contribution at the cider press.
Ready to pick mid Oct, they will store for several weeks.

  • Sweet, sharp & aromatic
  • Greenish yellow with red flush and russetting
  • Similar to Braeburn
  • Also used for cider
  • Further Information:

    Pollination Group 4
    Cropping Pick October

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