Keswick Codling - Cooking Apple Tree


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This traditional variety originates from Lancashire and dates back to 1793. It was one of the most popular early cookers during the Victorian era, and was grown extensively for market right up until the 1930s. It can be picked from late August through September for use as a cooking apple, or can be eaten straight from the tree in late September as a juicy and refreshing eater. It makes a neat and attractive tree - the Victorians commonly selected it for training over arbours, arches and tunnels due to its freely spurring habit and high quality fruit. It is hardy, so suitable for Northern areas and carries very pretty blossom - overall, an excellent garden variety.

  • Cooks to a creamy puree
  • Needs no sugar when cooked
  • Brisk and refreshing as a dessert fruit
  • Attractive blossom
  • Further Information:

    Pollination Group 2
    Cropping Mid August - late September

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