About Adam's Apples and Talaton Plants Ltd

Adam (yes there really is an Adam) and his wife Kim have been running their nursery in the heart of Devon for over 20 years. We grow a wide variety of high quality apple trees, whilst we also grow other fruit trees and fruit bushes, apples remain our specialty.

The majority of our stock is bare-rooted and is supplied to orchards, smallholdings, farms, gardens and other nurseries – at highly competitive prices.(As an example a tree can cost you as little as £8.00 for orders of more than 25 trees with further discounts on orders over £500). We also offer some potted trees – simply contact us and arrange to come in and collect these.

We have a good selection of potted trees available now for planting this Autumn we can send small quantities

Naturally, we pride ourselves on the quality of our trees, which are grown from certified rootstocks and have regular DEFRA inspections (allowing us to export to Europe). But any quality statement must be backed by actions – so we guarantee that, should any of our trees fail to grow, we will replace it free of charge.

Please feel free to use our ‘Apple Finder’ to select the varieties best suited for your needs,we grow over 130 varieties – just phone us for more advice on planting, planning and to discuss the varieties best suited to your area. If you need, we can also offer you a planting and pruning service – again – just ask.

The Special Offers are just an example of what you can pay – but please remember we offer highly competitive prices for orders of 25 trees or more and further discounts for orders of over £500.
We always have a special offer for schools and community groups.

We look forward to speaking with you.